August 2011

Business leaders endorse Future Work

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Michel Landel, CEO of Sodexo, the global services company, says that our book "lays out a compelling business case for flexibility that offers essential guidance for leaders...", while Stephen Leonard, chief executive of IBM UK and Ireland, describes it as "an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to increase employee productivity and reduce costs, and wants to do so in a way which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable." You can read this and 14 other recommendations here.

Recommendations coming in

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We're receiving warm recommendations for our book from experts and business leaders who've had a preview. Richard Donkin, author of The Future of Work and a former FT columnist, describes it as a "robust and readable analysis of work transformation that deserves to become a classic in its field", while Professor Stewart Friedman of Wharton says it "provides timely insight on the kind of culture organizations need to meet the expectations of today's workforce".

Olympic Challenge

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It is one year until the London Olympic Games and preparation is well under way. But there is one big worry. How will the thousands of competitors, officials and spectators reach the venues without getting snarled up in traffic? The Department for Transport wants a 30% reduction in commuters during the games. This is an ideal opportunity for businesses to review the travel patterns of their workforce.

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