July 2012

Counting performance, not backs of heads

Alison Maitland's picture

It was encouraging to hear Simon Langley, UK head of Inclusion & Diversity at National Grid, talk recently about the need for performance management based on outputs, not hours and presence. “There are too many managers who think the way you manage people is to count the backs of their heads,” he told a conference. “If I can achieve what’s needed within my regular hours, then my time is my own. Why do we make people stare at a screen for seven hours?

Olympics Encouraging Future Work

Peter Thomson's picture


As the Olympic Games draw closer, employers in London are using it as a trigger for trying out more flexible working patterns.

According to some new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), more than half of employers are making changes to their working practices during the Olympics to enable staff to work more flexibly or enable them to watch key events at work,

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