November 2012

The new "Power Part Time List"

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It's often said that senior roles can't be done part time - and that people working flexibly won't be promoted. That is the old world. Yesterday Timewise Jobs launched the first "Power Part Time List" of 50 people in the UK doing top jobs in a wide range of sectors on less than the traditional five days a week. I covered the story in yesterday's FT.

Preparing for the multi-generational workforce

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It's not just Gen Y and Z who expect to work differently, as many organisations seem to think. Employers should be adapting to a multigenerational workforce in which the majority are looking for greater flexibility. More than a third of UK workers expect to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65, according to a Canada Life study reported this week in HR Review.

Extending flexibility to all

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In two years' time, if the British government's plans come to fruition, all employees will have the right to ask their employers if they can work flexibly. Today's announcement by Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, is a welcome step in the right direction (as is the reform to enable mothers and fathers to share parental leave flexibly). The problem is that this is still being framed primarily as a benefit for employees - and it is only a right to request, not a right to have flexibility.

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