May 2014

Future Work extract published in EBR

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The latest edition of The European Business Review contains an edited extract from Future Work, in which we explain the TRUST principles for organisations to make a successful transition to agile future work by changing culture and management attitudes. The extract can be found here. The edition also includes features on innovation and on women's leadership. 

What will it take to succeed?

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What will the future world of work look like? How will the coming changes affect employees? What skills will leaders need to be successful in the new world of work? I answer these questions put by Bonnie Marcus in an interview she has written about Future Work for Forbes magazine online, published today. It's called "What will it take to succeed in the future world of work?" 

Broadcasts on Future Work

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I've been discussing the opportunities and challenges of Future Work in a webcast this week with The Conference Board's Matthew Budman, and also with Bonnie Marcus, US-based speaker, coach and radio show host. The webcast, How Flexible is Too Flexible? can be found here.

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