July 2014

High marks from NHS book reviewer

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A review on TrainingZone, a website for training professionals, rates our book 9/10. The reviewer, a clinical IT trainer in the NHS (National Health Service), says she'll be passing it to her manager in the hope they can use more of its ideas: "My present role is based on payment for time.

Sleepless in Seoul

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Today's Financial Times reports a breakthrough for employees of Seoul's metropolitan government who battle with long hours and lack of sleep - they will be allowed to take an afternoon nap. But there's a sting in the tail as any worker wanting to catch up on sleep will have to tell their supervisor in the morning ... and then work overtime to make up for the nap.

Flexible working loses 'family friendly' image

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This week in the UK the legislation on the 'right to request flexible working' has changed. It has moved form being just applicable to parents and carers to now being a right for ALL employees (after 26 weeks of employment to be exact). This might seem like a small change in the law but it is a fundamental change in the evolution of work.

Videos from Conference Board interview

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In our videos section, we've uploaded some clips from a web interview I did with The Conference Board about the new edition of Future Work. The clips were also shown at the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion conference in New York in June. Do take a look!

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