October 2014

Agile work as a business priority

Alison Maitland's picture

HOW can we get future work higher up the business agenda? That was the question I addressed in a blog for the UK's Family and Childcare Trust to mark Family Friendly Week. The answer lies in linking arguments for new ways of working directly to business priorities and the bottom line. How many businesses need to cut costs, or increase productivity, or attract and retain scarce skills?

Branson introduces 'no policy' vacation

Peter Thomson's picture

Sir Richard Branson has drawn quite a bit of media attention by introducing a 'no policy' vacation scheme for the Virgin parent company in the UK and USA. As he says in his blog "Flexible working has revolutionised how, where and when we all do our jobs. So, if working nine to five no longer applies, then why should strict annual leave (vacation) policies? "

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