Absence management

Peter Thomson's picture

The latest CIPD survey on absence management has come up with an interesting conclusion. They say that "Employers that offer flexible working are significantly less likely to have reported illegitimate absence among their top five causes of short-term absence". This supports the evidence we found when writing the book: flexible workers don't have to lie about why they are taking time off work.

If employees are being trusted to manage their own time and place of work, they will act responsibly. They can choose when they work and when they spend time on the rest of their lives. They are accountable for the results of their work but don't have to justify to a boss where they are every day. Hence there is no need to pretend they are ill on days they don't come in to work. And when they are genuinely ill they are more likely to find time to make up for the loss.

In fact the whole idea of 'absence management' is a bit meaningless in a world where 'presence' is no longer required. What's important is getting the work done and the location is irrelevant.


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