Agile Future Forum Launched

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We are delighted to see the launch of the Agile Future Forum (AFF), with the aim of maximising the competitiveness of UK businesses in the global marketplace. Twenty-two businesses – including several well-known brands – who currently realise financial benefits through using workforce agility have joined together to help other UK businesses to do the same. 

"The purpose of the AFF is to define the business value of workforce agility as a key input of the competitiveness of UK plc and to provide the leadership and practical support required to increase agile working practices across the UK. Workforce agility enables an organisation to establish the optimal workforce to support its business objectives by thinking about when and where people work, what they do and who is employed to the mutual benefit of businesses and employees."
This message is completely in tune with the Future Work book. We clearly make the case that new working practices should be part of business strategy and not seen as just an HR initiative. The AFF report has five 'golden rules' of which the first is "Be business-led - don't leave it all to HR". In fact these rules echo the TRUST principles in the book and we are pleased to see big business picking up on our key messages.
Unique research, set out in the AFF report – Understanding the economic benefits of workforce agility – indicates that, in the areas reviewed, workforce agility has enabled the founder companies to enjoy benefits equivalent to 3-13% of workforce costs. Further, this research has identified scope to increase those cost-savings by a further 3-7% and, in some cases, sales uplift up to 11%. The full report can be found at
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