Boston BBVA Book Launch

Peter Thomson's picture

I recently had the pleasure of speaking in Boston at the USA launch of a new book “Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age”. Alison and I each wrote chapters for the book, along with a variety of other contributors. All together it is a fascinating collection of insights into the way businesses are adapting to a rapidly changing world. All the chapters from the book can be dowloaded for free.

The book has been produced by the Spanish bank, BBVA, who also have a website Open Mind in support of this project.  They publish a book each year on a topical subject which they consider to be of interest to the business community.

Many of the messages in the book support our arguments in “Future Work”, that we are facing an era of unprecedented change driven along by digital technologies.  This brings major challenges to the established roles of leaders and managers and represent a serious threat to those that are stuck in a 20th century mode of working.

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