Chapter 11 - "Looking over the horizon"

Peter Thomson's picture

In the final chapter of the book we take a look into the future and identify some likely trends. We recognize that technology will continue to influence our lives and that connectivity will be available, wherever we are, at speeds unimaginable today. We consider the growth of the ‘contingent’ workforce and work becoming more of a tradable commodity, rather than a job.  We look at the changing shape of careers to become more fluid and less linear, or ladder-shaped. And we raise the idea that offices will shift from being workplaces to meeting places.

In conclusion we say “This book is a call to action for those managers and the leaders of all organizations. If you don’t bring your work practices into the twenty-first century, then your employees will react accordingly. The best ones will leave and the remaining ones will be disengaged. Your productivity will drop, and in a competitive world other organizations will replace you. If you do, you will not only enjoy bottom line benefits but also be contributing to the wider health of society and the environment.”

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