Chapter 9 - "Making it happen as an organization"

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New ways of working are introduced for many different reasons. They may be driven by legislation, employee requests, union pressure or ‘diversity’ goals, or they could be the result of a rationalization of space designed to save costs. In Chapter 9 we show how a future work scheme is introduced as part of the business strategy and contributes to the bottom line.

Using case studies such as Hertfordshire County Council, Sainsbury’s, BT, BDO USA, Unilever and IBM we show how organizations have updated their working practices and overcome some entrenched management positions. We use the TRUST principles as a framework to list the management skills and practices that support future work.

This chapter addresses management concerns about the transition to the new world of work. It answers questions such as:
How will I know they are working?
Won’t this open the floodgates?
What happens to relationships and team spirit?
Don’t we still need our meetings?
Won’t our clients object?
What happens to employment contracts?
What’s in it for me?

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