Death of the Office?

Peter Thomson's picture

The results of an interesting survey have just been published in HR Magazine. The study of 1,000 office workers was commissioned to mark the 10th anniversary of TV series 'The Office', which first aired in the UK on 9 July 2001.

83% of workers said they felt they were more productive now than in 2001, with innovations such as smartphones, Tablet PCs and cloud computing making it much easier to work without needing to be in the office. 56% of workers expected to see a clear reduction in the amount of time that they spent travelling to and from work or to meetings.

However, the most revealing result from the survey was the high number of people that felt offices could be made completely redundant by 2021, with six in ten workers predicting that they won't exist by 2021. It appears that the era of the office could be over forever.

In the book we look at the role of the office in support modern working practices. It is distinctly different from the traditional workplace that was prevalent in the 20th Century and forms a hub for meetings more than a place to sit at a desk. So the likelihood of offices disappearing completely is remote, despite the results of this survey, however they will continue to evolve along with changing work patterns change over the next decade.

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