Employers out of touch with 'Generation Facebook'

Peter Thomson's picture


A report has just been published showing that almost half of under 24s say they wouldn’t work for a company where social media was banned. It is based on a survey of 1,000 people carried out by recruitment company Hyphen and concludes that employers are out of touch with ‘Generation Facebook’.


This reinforces one of the messages in the book – employers need to keep up with the expectations of the new workforce if they are going to attract and retain the best people. If people are managed by output and trusted to choose their own time and place of work they will respond positively. If they are treated like adults they will act like adults and work responsibly. Those organisations that ban social media are sending a clear message to their people – ‘We don’t trust you. If we allow you to use social media at work you are likely to abuse that privilege so we will ban it’s use.’


By preventing people from communicating through social media at work employers are also missing out on the benefits of teamwork and collaboration that it can produce.  Good employers are now introducing their own versions of Facebook and Twitter to encourage employees to share views and work more effectively together.

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