Flexible Work and the Economy

Peter Thomson's picture

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement has reinforced the message that work flexibility is not just something that is socially desirable but is critical to the economy. Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD, commented, "This statement underlines that the road to recovery hinges on the continued ability of the UK's flexible labour market to support employment growth in tough economic conditions. It also depends on the efforts of employers to improve employee engagement, innovation and productivity against a backdrop of prolonged fiscal consolidation and a squeeze on business and household finances. Tough, volatile and uncertain conditions are the new normal - and the key to boosting national productivity and competitiveness lies in building the people management capabilities and skills needed to ensure firms innovate, create and respond with agility.”

This supports the message in the book that Future Work is not just a benefit to individuals but it is also a benefit to businesses and ultimately the economic success of the country.
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