Future Work appeals to media

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The idea of something called Future Work is catching on in the media. The fact that todays management has not kept up with the changes in working practices seems to have some support from people reporting on the book.

As Peter Whitehead said in his Recruitment Diary in the Executive Appointments section of the FT yesterday, the book is "a damning indictment of just how wasteful it is to conduct 21st century business using 19th century command and control structures".

Yesterday The Independent also had mention of the book. Since Alison was asked to wite a piece for them on the Beecroft report, I suppose it's not surprising that the book got a plug! She points to the fact that trust between managers and employees is an imprtant ingredient for a productive relationship. As she says in the article "An atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion at work is not in employers' interests. High-performing bosses today know that they will get the most out of people by giving them the tools, setting them clear objectives, and trusting them to get on with the job."

Personnel Today have also covered th book this week concetrating more on where work is heading in the future. They say "Employees could be rewarded by results rather than the number of hours worked and decide when and where to do their work, while offices will become meeting spaces rather than the focal point of a working day."

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