Future Work to feature at CIPD Conference

Peter Thomson's picture

I'll be doing a session talking about the book at the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development's annual conference in Manchester on November 8th. My presentation is included in the "Future Fit for Business" section, which is appropriate, since Future Work is first and foremost about meeting business goals, not about special benefits or perks for employees. What's needed is a change in working culture and management practices to provide a much more effective workforce with increased productivity and lower costs.

This provides a new challenge to HR people. As we say in the book "We have spoken to enlightened leaders who earn the respect and loyalty of their employees by listening to them and harnessing their energy. These businesses will adapt and thrive in the new world of work.This opens up a window of opportunity for the human resource function. Identifying the changes in organizational culture that are coming over the horizon is a key role for senior management. They will be looking to HR professionals for advice on how to make the shift to a ‘Type B’ culture and engage and invigorate the workforce. For many this will mean a transformation from holding back change and being risk-averse to becoming true business partners and leading the revolution in work practices."
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