Megatrends Report

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A number of "Megatrends" over the last century have changed the world of work beyond recognition, according to a new report. However, the question remains whether businesses are sufficiently aware of, or prepared for, the future trends that will shape the way we work and the performance of our organisations and economies in the next decade.

"Megatrends: The trends shaping work and working lives" was published recently by the CIPD, looking at the trends that are likely to shape the world of work, the workforce and the culture and organisation of workplaces in the near future.
The report highlights key changes that have shaped work in recent times, including: De-industrialisation, Demographic change, Educational attainment, Decline of collectivism, and Dramatic shifts in organisation size.
Peter Cheese, chief executive at the CIPD, said: "Work's changed beyond measure in the 100 years since the CIPD was formed. But the pace of change today is unprecedented. The future of work, the changing nature of the workforce, and the organisation and culture of the workplace are among the biggest challenges facing organisations and their leaders, and if HR doesn't provide the answers, they'll find them elsewhere."
This report supports the arguments in "Future Work" that we are facing a rapidly changing world and leaders have to review their organisatial culture to seeif it supports the working practices appropriate for a successful future.
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