More control, less stress

Alison Maitland's picture

There's a solution to the rising levels of stress we're seeing in the current tough economic conditions - give people greater control over how, where and when they do their work. A new survey by Towers Watson and WorldatWork reports high levels of stress in companies around the world as employees are required to take on ever greater workloads and hours. The dangers to health and wellbeing are underlined by a new European study showing that people with high job demands and low control over their work are at increased risk of heart attacks and heart disease. Feeling in control in a high-pressure environment, rather than just having to do what the boss tells you, is crucial in minimising this damaging form of stress. What's more, people tend to be more motivated, and willing to go the extra mile, when they feel trusted and valued and treated like adults. So it's better for the health of businesses as well as individuals, not only to manage workloads carefully, but to give people as much freedom as possible to work the way that suits them best.

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