Muddle through or get guidance?

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Many organisations are having a stab at introducing some form of flexible working. Unfortunatley thay are in danger of creating as many problems as they solve if they simply add it to their existing work practices. As we say in Future Work, there is a need to have a fundamental review of the organisational culture and change some entrenched managament behaviours to have a successful implementation.

But SME's in particular do not have the resources to employ management consultants to advise them on the change, or have management development programmes to change the skills and attitudes of managers. Hence they are in danger of 'Muddling Through'. This is the theme of a new blog on a Microsoft site which points to an interesting initiative from the Telework Association.

The plan is to use crowdsourcing to raise the funds needed to update the Telework Handbook. This will be a useful tool to help managers and employees introduce new ways of working effectively. It will complement Future Work by covering the implementation in more detail. The project needs to raise £10,000 by 9th December so please support it if you can. For more information see


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