When Work Works Awards 2016

Alison Maitland's picture

Professional services firm BDO USA, one of the case studies in our book, has just been announced as a winner of the 2016 When Work Works Awards, run by the Families and Work Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management. These awards judge workplaces on six evidence-based components: autonomy; work-life fit; supervisor support; satisfaction with earnings, benefits and promotion opportunities; opportunities for learning; and, crucially, a culture of trust.

The selection process not only evaluates flexibility programmes and practices but also surveys employees confidentially and examines their actual experiences at their worksites.

BDO USA has won this award for eight years' running, and successive CEOs have committed to the strategy of agile working because they know it improves both business results and employee motivation and well-being. These two are, of course, inextricably linked.

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