Media coverage

The Economist cites Future Work in an opinion piece on 25 Aug 2012 called "The Mommy Track"

CNN quotes Alison Maitland and Future Work in an article on 21 Aug 2012 by Susanne Gargiulo titled "Generation Y set to transform office life"

HR Magazine (the US Society for Human Resource Management), July 2012, carries a full-page Q&A by Alice Andors on Future Work titled “End of the 40-Hour Workweek?”

The Conference Board Review, Summer 2012, features Future Work in its ‘Worth Noting’ column on “recent reads that caught our attention”

Personnel Today, 16 July 2012, interviews Peter Thomson on flexible working and the Olympics

Leading Dutch business newspaper FD, 30 June 2012, features a full-page analysis piece by Alison Maitland in its weekend edition, headlined “Wie 'het nieuwe werken' wil omarmen, zal eerst de controle moeten loslaten”

Inside HR, a subscription magazine published by Reed Global, devotes the cover and centre-page spread of its summer 2012 (Issue 8) edition to Future Work, with an article titled “Out of Office”, and a readers’ offer.

Belgian HR magazine Peoplesphere, June 2012, has a two-page interview with Alison Maitland headlined “The dinosaurs will end up disappearing”.  The article spans two pages: page one and page two.

The US-based Bonnie Marcus radio show, “GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success”, interviews Alison Maitland on the future of women in the workplace, 20 June 2012

Edge Magazine (Institute of Leadership & Management), May-June 2012: “Every manager who cares about the future success of their organisation should read this book. It’s not only very readable but presents some cogent arguments that all organisations should give serious attention to.”

9 Lives for Women blog, May 2012: “The best book on making flexibility happen … rich with insightful data and validating case studies that persuasively make the overwhelming business case for new ways of working—in just about any industry.”

Center for Creative Leadership, April 2012: CCL’s new EMEA regional headquarters and training campus in Brussels “draws inspiration from the groundbreaking research on collaborative working trends recently published in Future Work”., April 2012: Podcast interview on Future Work with Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson

Yvonne Roberts in The Observer quotes Future Work in a column on 17 March 2013 about the controversy surrounding Sheryl Sandberg's new book on women and leadership: 

Gulf Business, March 2012: “The Revolutionary Future of Work: Employers need to radically change old working models” – article by Alison Maitland

L’Impresa, March 2012: “Don’t Miss the Work Revolution” - edited extract from Future Work published by the leading Italian management magazine in both English and Italian.

InBusiness (Cass Business School magazine), Feb 2012: “Clocking into the 21st century”, opinion piece by Alison Maitland

Financial Times, 25 Jan 2012: “Anywhere, anytime: the future of employment is flexible”, article by Alison Maitland citing case studies from Future Work, January 2012 (book review): “This is a radical, challenging and thought-provoking book. It is written in a lively and interesting style that makes it as close to a ‘page turner’ as any management book can be. It’s also done its homework, with up-to-date data and a wide-ranging selection of case studies from around the world. Highly recommended!” January 2012 “Wake up HR – the future is here”

Public Service Europe, 20 December 2011: “Europe’s work model no longer fit for purpose” 

Business & Gentlemen (Italy), Dec 2011-Feb 2012 edition: “Lavorare nel futuro – l’ufficio in style ‘mobile’” (Germany), 29 November 2011: “Missverhältnis: Arbeitszeiten und Produktivität”  

P.T. Magazin(Germany), 22 November 2011: “Gesund, stressfrei und produktiv dank einer Neuordnung der Arbeitswelt, November 2011: “Freedom key to workplace of the future” (Susanne Gargiulo)


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