Wanted: more control over work

Alison Maitland's picture

I gave an online talk to over 80 executive education alumnae of Smith College, a leading US liberal arts college for women, and put five questions to them from our Future Work survey. These women are in mid to senior management in big US companies. An overwhelming 93% said new ways of working would benefit the business and 83% agreed, or strongly agreed, that they would like more control over where, when and how they do their job. Nearly two-thirds said their organization was not adapting fast enough to new ways of working. There was also a majority agreeing or strongly agreeing that top managers think the way they have always worked is the right one. Answers were more nuanced on the final point - "my organisation rewards long hours and presence in the workplace" - with 53% agreeing, 28% neutral and 19% disagreeing. It was good to see signs of progress in some companies, however, with 22% saying they thought their organisation was adapting quickly enough to new ways of working.

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