Let's get away from "the workplace"

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With the New Year comes publication of an interview about Future Work by Jana Hlistova of the SWSCDaily website (full title: Smart Women Smart Conversations). In the interview, I told Jana that the ideal workplace is not a single place. Current workplaces are becoming more like meeting places and much of our concentrated work or isolated work can be done on the move, or in a smart work hub somewhere. One that I particularly like is the British Library, which has connectivity and a great cafe. You can read more of the interview at: http://www.swscdaily.com/articles/alison-maitland-future-work

And I recommend another early January interview about the changing world of work with BT's futurologist Nicola Millard in the Guardian on 3 January. She told telecoms correspondent Juliette Garside that her four criteria for an ideal workspace are: good coffee, good cake, great connectivity, and company (in her case the buzz of background noise in a hotel lobby, coffee shop or airport lounge works well). 

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