Future Work Book: Contents

Time for change

  • The new workforce
  • Motivation is more than money
  • Rewarding work, not time
  • Capturing hearts, minds and wallets
  • Leadership for the future
  • Under new management

2 How work has evolved

  • A historical shift
  • Henry Ford’s legacy
  • Technology is not a panacea
  • Changing expectations
  • The role of gender
  • Work and life across generations
  • Future work for all sectors
  • New types of work contract
  • In summary

3 Turning convention on its head

  • The scourge of the ‘long-hours culture’
  • The trouble with flexible work arrangements
  • Flexing time and place
  • Future work
  • Getting results
  • It’s all about culture
  • Putting theory into practice
  • A matter of motivation
  • Autonomy at work
  • In summary

4 Why it makes business sense

  • Productivity gains
  • Cost savings
  • Improved customer response
  • Business continuity
  • Healthy, motivated people
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Saving the planet
  • In summary

5 Leaders for the new world of work

  • Can there be life at the top?
  • Gender and generational shifts
  • Finding the right ‘fit’: Slade Fester
  • Change in an inflexible profession: Monica Burch
  • Shared leadership: Carolyn Davidson and Tom Carter
  • Leading dispersed teams: Christel Verschaeren
  • Finding balance as a high achiever: Mike Dean
  • A wider pool of leaders: Isla Ramos Chaves
  • In summary

6 Changing workplaces

  • Does the office have a future?
  • From workplace to meeting place
  • Human and carbon footprints
  • ‘In between’ workspaces
  • The nature of creativity
  • Breaking down resistance
  • Adapting as a leader
  • In summary

7 Culture is critical

  • Part one: organizational cultures
    • What managers say
    • Key survey findings
    • Actual versus ideal cultures
    • Tackling inertia
    • Linking culture to future work
    • Gender and leadership styles
  • Part two: national cultures
    • Future work around the world
    • Rise of the Dutch ‘daddy day’
    • Common ground
    • Talent in the global economy: India
    • In summary

8 Strategies for change

  • Barriers to change
  • Five TRUST principles for progress
  • What skills do managers need?
  • In summary

9 Making it happen as an organization

  • Trusting your people in practice
  • Social media: enemy or friend of the corporation?
  • Rewarding results in practice
  • Understanding the business case in practice
  • Starting at the top in practice
  • Treating people as individuals in practice
  • Addressing managers’ concerns
  • In summary: principles, skills and practices

10 Making it happen yourself

  • Trust your people
  • Reward results
  • Understand the business case
  • Start at the top
  • Treat people as individuals
  • New rules for the new world of work
  • Dealing with technology overload
  • Have we gone too far, or not far enough?
  • In summary

11 Looking over the horizon

  • Cloud cover
  • Growth of the ‘contingent’ workforce
  • Careers change shape
  • Status and hierarchy
  • Sustainable developments
  • Conclusion