“Thought-provoking and motivating, Future Work is a comprehensive guide to how organizations and their leaders can embrace the new world of work. The insight provided by the book has proven to be a useful tool in our journey towards enabling our employees to individually own the way they work.”
David Cole, Chief Risk Officer, Swiss Re

“An invaluable resource for anyone who needs to increase employee productivity and reduce costs, and wants to do so in a way which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.”
Stephen Leonard, General Manager Global Markets – Systems & Technology, IBM

“In the brave new world of virtual work and agile, mobile workers, this new edition shares the journey of visionary people and companies who are charting a course through the waves of change. With detailed examples, case studies and practical recommendations, think of this book as the sextant for your own journey.”
Rebecca Lea Ray Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Human Capital, The Conference Board

“As a young entrepreneur, I believe Future Work is a must read for business leaders and managers who want to take their organization into the 21st century. With ample evidence that the way most of us work is outdated and bad for business, this book gives wonderful suggestions for tapping the full potential of our workforce and ourselves as leaders of the future.”
Therese Kinal, Co-Founder and CEO of Unleash

“Future Work lives up to its title – it presents a compelling view of how work is being transformed in ways that benefit the employee and employer alike. More than that, it is a compelling call to action that shows us how to create much more flexible and effective workplaces.”
Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute

“This provocative book challenges leaders at all levels to consider whether they are truly doing everything they can to unleash the full potential of their women and men – and offers a convincing roadmap for driving organizational performance through more enlightened talent management and work styles.”
John R. Ryan, President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

 “Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson have assembled an illuminating body of evidence in this robust and readable analysis of work transformation that deserves to become a classic in its field. Using case studies drawn from progressive employers, they spell out why this change is happening and how it can be achieved. Future Work is an essential tool for future management.”
Richard Donkin, author of The History of Work and The Future of Work

“‘Future Work’ sounds seductive. But very few organizations have actually changed the way they really do work. Maitland and Thomson have painted a comprehensive and compelling picture of what’s possible, going way beyond the typical hype about technology and GenY. And they’ve dug deeply to report many very human stories about how the future of work is happening today, and what it takes to transform the workplace. If you read this book and then put it aside without changing the way you manage, you’ll wind up watching the future of work from the sidelines.”
James P. Ware, Executive Director, The Future of Work…unlimited

“Future Work provides an invaluable guide to the kind of transformational leadership that will be necessary to make the best of all that this new world of work has to offer.”
Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft UK

“Future Work lays out a compelling business case for flexibility that offers essential guidance for leaders grappling with a changing workforce, globalization and continuous advances in technology. The authors challenge conventional attitudes with a powerful rationale on how work can be accomplished with more precision and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs and offering employees more control over how they work.”
Michel Landel, CEO, Sodexo

“Future Work is empowerment in practice!”
Nuria Chinchilla, Professor of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School

“The world of work is changing rapidly and the office is undergoing a radical redesign to accommodate 21st century work practices. This book captures these critical changes and identifies the leadership culture required to support them. It should be read by all managers who are striving to get the best results from their workforce.”
Professor Ginny Gibson, Deputy Dean, Henley Business School

“Future Work provides timely insight on the kind of culture organizations need to meet the expectations of today’s workforce. It will be useful for executives who want to learn how business must adapt to the revolution in work practices now being fuelled by incredibly rapid technological and social changes.”
Stewart D. Friedman, Practice Professor at The Wharton School and author of Total Leadership

“Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson’s book is where every board member and senior executive should start when thinking through the best way to future-proof their organizations.”
Lucy P. Marcus, CEO, Marcus Venture Consulting, and non-executive board director

“Alison and Peter have successfully navigated the future of work to explain why this is now a critical issue for all business leaders. Their book is essential reading for anyone wanting to gain a glimpse of the future and understand the new world of work.”
Philip Ross, CEO, Unwork.com

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